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IGN: WeAreNoobs
about 1 month ago

It's official! we are back and better than ever! So much has changed since I last updated this website so much that I might just bullet point some of the main things!


  • 🌐  Full Website Redesign With Much Better Features 
  • 💳  Brand New Server Store With Awesome New Items  
  • 🤺  Released PVP Server With Duels (KitPVP Coming Soon) 
  • 🎮 Released Prophunt Minigame Server 
  • 🌲   Released SKYBLOCK 
  • ⚡️  Increased Server Optimization Across The Whole Network 


And that's just a few key points, we still have a lot planned for the future! Make sure you sign up to Noobcore by clicking HERE

Users who sign up will be able to claim a weekly free reward code for Survival + Skyblock

Thankyou to our awesome team who helped make Noobcore be what it is today. And the players for making it a very humble and chill place to be <3

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👑 Noobcore Founder 👑 And Proud To Be!