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Hey everyone Ice here.

Today I bestow a new update talking about a couple new features of the server!

Noobcore server hub

That's right. We have a new server hub!

Here you can choose which server you can go to whether it's survival, a minigame, or creative.

If you want to visit the hub in game, simply type /hub in chat!

There also are secrets around the hub. Can you find them all?

Noobcore server hub


Quakecraft is a new fast-paced ffa minigame.

In this game you will have a "gun" (hoe)

The objective is to get 25 kills by shooting (right clicking with the hoe in hand) other players.

The map has stuff like jump pads so you can 360 trickshot in the air.

To get to it simply type /quake in chat and go to the [join] sign and right click it.

Quake minigame map


Noobcore now has pets you can buy!

But not just any normal pet like a wolf or a cat.

You now can get pet foxes, bees, and more!

Simply type /pets to open the gui that shows all the pets you can buy.

Pets GUI

To buy a pet simply click on the pet you want and it will immediately spawn!

You can right click your pet to change settings depending on the pet you bought.

For example. With the fox pet, you can change if its a red fox or a snow fox, make it sleep or not, silence it, and more!

You can even name it too! Pets are adorable. I mean look at this cutie.

Foxy the fox!

1.16 client support.

Don't know how to switch to 1.15.2 and stuck on 1.16.1?

Don't want to switch between 1.15.2 and 1.16?

Don't worry! We now allow players from version 1.15.2 to 1.16.1!

Keep note we are not on 1.16 yet. The server is still on 1.15.2.

And to solve that burning question you may have being "When are you updating to 1.16?"

Just know... we have no clue. Its down to how long our plugins will take to update.

That's about it!

Noobcore is slowly growing and we will continue to add to the server like perhaps adding another game mode like Skyblock.

Join now using the ip now accepting versions 1.15.2 to 1.16.1!

Feel free to share with your friends and join our official discord for updates and giveaways!

8 months ago


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