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Creative Basics Guide
I made it to creative spawn now what do I do?



Noobcore creative is an awesome game mode where everybody can build what they want without having to worry about gathering resources! Type /creative anywhere in the Noobcore Network and you will be zipped to the creative world!


First Steps!

Check out the spawn and read the different npcs around you for different useful information!

You need a Plot! So you can build freely where ever you want! The npc directly infront of you at /spawn can be right clicked to claim a fresh plot! alternatively you can type /p auto to automatically claim a plot and be teleported to it!

If you fly away from your plot and cannot locate it, you can type /p home or /p home 2 if it's your second plot.

Every player/rank apart from MASTER RANK (See here) gets 2 claimable plots, You can claim these independently from each other, or you can merge them together to make 2 big plots *see below.

To make one big plot, You have to claim two adjacent plots. Claiming plots manually can be done with /p claim whilst standing in an unclaimed plot. Once you have two side by side plots you wish to merge into a big plot, Type /p merge, whilst standing inside of one of the plots.

To unmerge a plot and separate them back into two plots type /p unlink or /p unmerge, please note this can have unwanted side effects and the mechanics of this are not perfect, sometimes it clears both plots on the command.

To delete a plot you own type /p delete whilst standing in the plot, This action CANNOT BE UNDONE, and it will remove everything currently on the plot.

If you do not want somebody entering your plot, you can type /p deny THEIRNAME, aka to stop 'wearenoobs' entering your plot, type /p deny wearenoobs whilst standing in your plot. You can also stop everybody (apart from admins, from entering your plot with /p deny *

To allow a player to build inside of your plot type /p trust USERNAME, EG: to let wearenoobs build on your plot, type /p trust wearenoobs whilst standing in your plot.

To completely wipe your plot and start over again type /p clear whilst standing in your plot.

To change the biome of your plot, whilst standing in your plot type /p setbiome followed by the name of the biome you wish to choose, This will change things like block variations, (Grass style etc)

Creative Restrictions

Due to abuse of creative, We have unfortunately had to limit certain things from functioning as normal and these are listed below,

Pistons will not, under any circumstances push or move blocks. So things like flying machines, will not function.

Redstone completely deactivates itself if you are to step out of your plot.

Mob spawning isn't possible in creative.

End and nether portals will not allow the user to go into the nether or end.

World edit is not available, and is only used by admins under special circumstances.

Abusing Creative

Anybody found to be bringing in or creating items with modified NBT tags to attempt to lag or crash the creative server will be subject to a permanent ban from the entire network without warning. Bans will also be issued for people trying to place lots of entity's in hopes of lagging out the server. Creative is constantly monitored.