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Survival Advanced Guide
Moving out to more advanced features



First Steps!

You should probably learn a little bit more about what you can do in noobcore survival! It can be a little overwhelming at first, and you can play regular survival on noobcore without worrying about these things, But if you're willing, you can have some real fun! Buckle up!

Currency System (Noob Bucks)

Noobcore has it's own currency system called 'Noobbucks' you start of with a small amount, and can use noob bucks as your advantage as you progress through the game and need/want more things that are hard to access, you can see your balance listed in the sidebar on the right hand side of the screen, Alternatively you can type /bal or balance

Daily Rewards are given for players who login consecutive days in a row! type /daily to pop open the reward menu.

You can pay people money by typing /pay amount username, EG: /pay josh 10  would pay the user 'josh' 10 noobbucks from your balance. Be careful what you are paying for, there are no guarantees with this method, it's easy to get ripped off.

The /back command can be used to teleport you to your previous location if you die so you can collect your loot, but this command costs $50 noob bucks to use! make sure you always carry no less than $50 so you always have access to this command!

Shop System

What's the point in having currency if you cannot buy or sell items? That would be outrageous! Here are some tips and information on the noobcores built in shop system!

Buying and selling items on the noobcore shop doesn't give or take money from a person/player, It goes to the server, the items do not belong to anybody before they are bought.

You can open the Noobcore shop system by typing /shop at anytime in noobcore survival.

If you see an item you want to sell, Right clicking it will open the 'SELL MENU' and Left clicking it will open the 'BUY MENU'

This is how most people make their money, Looking out for the high ticket items that sell for the most on the shop, and gathering them to sell, EG: diamonds, Ores, Netherite.

Auction House

The Auction House system is so players can sell their items to other players who might want to buy them, even when the seller is offline, You can list a total of 5 items on the auction house at any time, And items remain on the auction house for a maximum of 3 days until they are returned to the seller if unsold

To open and browse the auction house, type /ah or /auctionhouse inside of noobcore survival chat.

To list an item for sale on auction house, you must hold the item in your main hand and type /ah sell AMOUNT, EG: if you wish to sell a stack of 64 diamonds to the auction house for $1000 Noob Bucks, Hold the entire stack in your main hand, and type /ah sell 1000 and it will be automatically listed.

Clicking on the diamond on the bottom left of auctionhouse will show you your current listings and when they expire.

To remove an item from the auctionhouse if you change your mind or want it back before it expires, Open Auctionhouse with /ah, Click the diamond on the bottom left to open your active listings, and click the item to return it to your inventory (Make sure you have a free inventory slot or it will not let you)

My auction ended? But my item didn't sell, Where has it gone? The item has returned to your personal vault inside of the auctionhouse plugin, It doesn't return to your inventory incase your inventory is full, You need to type /ah and click on the poisonous potato then select your item to return it to your inventory (Providing there is space available)

Ranking System

Ranks! Everybody loves ranks! something to work for! and something to let the grind pay off! here below you can view each noobcore survival rank and see what it has to offer, ranks are purchased through noob bucks! so get making money if you're looking to flex a new rank!

Absolutely NO ranks on the entire of the Noobcore Network are for sale, We will always remains none P2W as we believe in a fair player experience.

Rank 1: Cadet, Price: $50k Benefits: New Prefix, 4 sethomes, 4 backpack rows, 3% income boost from all Jobs

Rank 2: Adept, Price: $200k Benefits: New Prefix, 6 Sethomes, 5 backpack rows. Ability to use /trash command to throw things away anywhere, 5% income boost from all Jobs

Rank 3: Expert, Price: $500k Benefits: New Prefix, 8 sethomes, 6 backpack rows. 5% Mcmmo boost Ability to use /repair to open the repairGUI instead of visiting /warp repair, 10% income boost from all Jobs

Rank 4: Master, Price: $1.25m. Benefits: New Prefix, 10 sethomes, 6 backpack rows, 10% Mcmmo boost, use /back for free, 2 extra creative plots,  20% income boost from all Jobs

Server Store

Looking to rock some awesome particles? Or just support the network and help us keep the lights on! we have a wide variety of ways to support the server that can also benefit you! we stay away from traditional pay to win techniques 

Support packages to flex an awesome badge next to your name across the entire network.

Awesome particles and effects to flex to your friends!

Friendly companions to follow you around the network!

+ more.

To check out the server store please click this link or type /store inside the noobcore network

MCMMO Explained

McMMO's main function is to incorporate an RPG-like skill system that players have access to right from the beginning. Depending on how much a certain tool is used or a certain action is performed, players will gain experience that will eventually add bonuses such as, rare drops, or ability enhancement and more!

Mcmmo Is a very large and detailed plugin so we will leave all the details down to the community of MCMMO

Clicking on this Link will give you more detailed information on MCMMO.

To view your rank position in each skill type /mcrank

To view the power level leaderboard type /mctop

To view certain skill/levels and xp type the skill like /mining, /farming, /acrobatics etc

Type /mcmmo help to view even more commands!

List of Mcmmo skills: Mining, Fishing, Excavation, Repair, Herbalism, Unarmed, Acrobatics, Woodcutting