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Survival Basics Guide
I made it to survival spawn now what do I do?




First Steps!

Familiarize yourself with the survival spawn! check out the vote crates up the steps, and the hub room!

The spawn can be accessed at any time with /spawn in the Minecraft chat, You will be instantly healed and your hunger will be fully replenished when arriving at the spawn, This is a great system, If you are in danger of death you can quickly type spawn.

To leave the spawn and be teleported into a random location where you can break blocks and be free to explore and make your own base type the command /wild to be whizzed away to a random location!

PVP is disabled out in the Wild, Players cannot kill you, and the server mode is 'easy' so mobs can cause you harm and even death. If you're scared of night, typing /tv day will start a public vote to change it to day time, If more than 50% of NONE AFK players vote, the time will change.

A very important thing to remember in Noobcore survival is that all players start off with a noobpack, This is basically a backpack and any items you put inside of it will be safe if you die, They will remain inside the backpack, If you're mining and find diamonds etc, it's advised that you place your most valuable items inside your backpack until you get back to your base. Type /bp or /backpack to open your backpack.

Typing /warp hub will take you to the portal room, this contains the nether, end and resource world portal, the resource world is a randomly generated world that gets reset every month, This world is made primarily for mining and gathering resources, so you can always find a fresh spot to mine every month without running into other peoples mines, Please bare in mind this world RESETS itself every month so anything built inside it will be DELETED. you can tell which world you are by looking at the sidebar on the right of your screen, Only build things you want to keep in the 'world' not the 'portal/resource world'

Claiming Your Own Land / Protecting Your Stuff

Please watch this short video below for a tutorial on how to claim your own land, Chests you place inside your landclaim cannot be opened and doors can also not be opened, make sure you put everything you care about inside of an active landclaim. Landclaims expire after 3 months of complete inactive gameplay. This is to reduce the amount of severely active landclaims.


You may need to click 'watch this video on YouTube' as embed play has been disabled :('

Extra landclaim Commands

To Trust Somebody in your landclaim type /trust THEIRNAME  this allows them to do everything you can do inside your landclaim.

To allow people to only open chests and not break blocks in your landclaim type /containertrust THEIRNAME

To only allow somebody the ability to open doors and such type /AccessTrust THEIRNAME

To remove somebody's trust from your landclaim type /untrust THEIRNAME this will remove ANY and ALL forms of trust that they have on your landclaim.

To completely remove a landclaim stand inside of the claim and type /deleteclaim

To see how many landclaiming blocks you have available and to locate your active landclaims type /claimslist 

Players are allowed to gain a maximum of 5000 claimblocks through game playtime. You will receive +10 landclaim blocks for every hour you play, (You can check this with /claimslist) this gametime does not count AFK

There's no place like home! - Setting Homes

When you first join noobcore you are allowed to set 2 homes, Homes are somewhere you can teleport to at any time, without a cooldown! in trouble? Need to get back to your base, Homes have you covered!

To set a home, the command is /sethome but you need to follow that up with a unique name, EG:  set a home at your home after making your new landclaim, type /sethome home

To then teleport to your newly made home, you would use /home home in this situation, providing you called it 'home' when you set it up using the above method, You can name them whatever you want however, and you can also use sethomes for mines or nice biomes, should you wish to keep a hold of those locations

You can only set 2 homes as a standard rank, Please scroll down to 'RANKS' if you wish to learn how to get more sethomes so you can set more than 2

To remove a home do /delhome HOMENAME, eg, to delete a home you made called 'forest' type /delhome forest and it will be removed, THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE

To list your available homes, type /homes

Once you're set up with a home

You should progress onto This Guide once you feel comfortable with the basic working of Noobcore Survival