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Here is our current list of rules that apply to everybody on noobcore survival - This rule list is subject to change at any time.

Rule Number 1 - Family Friendly

Family friendly content only! No swearing, hate speech, talk of weapons, extreme violence, sexism, racism, politics, inappropriate pictures or anything deemed to be not safe for work or not family friendly is not tolerable across our entire network. Bans may be given with no warnings depending on the extremity, But usually, warnings are given first.

 Rule Number 2 - Hacking

Any form of hacks on our server are not tolerated. We do allow badlion, Full bright etc. Hackers will be flagged by anti cheat and banned. We also have intensive anti Xray techniques that have yet to fail, However, Bypassing this or attempting to will result in an immediate IP ban with no warnings given.

 Rule Number 3 - Spamming

No spamming or all caps, Nobody likes spamming, there is a chance you will be auto muted by a bot and nobody likes to be silenced! Repeated spammers could receive warnings and if those warnings stack up, potentially a ban.

 Rule Number 4 - Minimodding

No Mini modding. Mini modding is annoying for everyone, Nobody likes to be told what to do and when to do it. Do not try to play the role of a moderator. If somebody is breaking the rules, a mod will get to it as soon as they can, If it is serious and there is nobody around then open a ticket in our discord with -new

 Rule Number 5 - Usernames

In game usernames must be family friendly and if are too 'crude' could, unfortunately, end up in the account being banned, phrases like 'Lmfao' '420 and 69' are ok though, These phrases are also allowed in chat, Along with 'Damn,Hell,Etc'

 Rule Number 6 - Self Promo

No form of self-promotion, "Hey I'm live", "Wanna join my Minecraft server", etc.

 Rule Number 7 - Respect

Do not beg or become a burden to other players if they have asked you not to or told you no, this can be annoying and ruin the vibe and player experience for everybody. Nobody has to give anybody anything, or work with a certain person if they don't want to.

 Rule Number 8 - Summary

Common sense, a lot of it comes down to that, A lot of our players, play to chill out and relax. We are not and never will be an anarchy style server or heavily PVP orientated . We aim for a nice chilled out fun minecraft experience with lots of different things players can do. Please help us keep it this way! Respect everyone and try to treat people fair and equal if you can, It's not nice to feel left out! <3

Our Survival Lag/Farm Rules

Mobs s.png

Mobs are by far the laggiest and the most resource demanding part of any minecraft network. With that in mind, never keep more mobs than you absolutely need. Kill any that you don’t need.

We do have some restrictions when it comes to mobs on They are listed below in addition to the mob limiting plugins we have in place.

Villagers shouldn't build up unnecessarily.  Be sure to consider what villagers you need carefully. In some cases, you can make dual use of villagers.

Turtles only need one breeding pair. The breeding mechanic of turtles allows you to breed one pair over and over, Consider keeping only two adult turtles in your farm.

Who doesn't love pets? nobody! but please do not fill your base with more pets than you need also don't forget about the /pets system.

Do not hoard entity's in one area, or subject them to entity cramming, If entity cramming is found, action will be taken immediately, this is extremely laggy, Spread your mobs out

MobFarmManager is a plugin that we use to control how many mobs/animals can be inside a single chunk at one time,

Farm Limiter Settings

No more than 25 of the same mob is allowed in the same chunk at one time, Press F3+G to show chunkborder, You can make a farm in each chunk (But don't go over the top)


After mobs, hoppers are the biggest cause of lag on, we need to try and reduce our hoppers as much as possible.

When collecting items in a vertical line with hoppers, alternate them with single chests.

Never put hoppers in a line to move items. This isn’t needed. Just store the items in chests. or move the items with water/ice slide technique.

Set up storage systems so that if the other end fills up, the extra items get automatically destroyed rather than sitting on full hoppers waiting to despawn.

Bulk storage systems where random items are dropped in and sent into chests should be avoided because they are likely to cause a situation that is especially taxing.

Redstone/AutoFarms piston.gif

Ah, the dreaded Redstone, everyone loves it, but unfortunately, if done incorrectly it can cause alot of lag on a server and reduce the experience for a lot of people. 

Please make your farms a reasonable size. think about what you need from the farm, Do not overbuild and over complicate a Redstone farm if it does not need to be, Set up your machines to shut off when not in use, Taking resource power away from the server if not needed is a big burden.
Huge farms (Aka that go from bedrock to ground level) are completely overkill and will be asked to maintain a sensible size, Unfortunately, we can't just say 'no bigger than this many blocks) because every farm is different, They won't be automatically removed, but please bare in mind building giant farms might resort to us asking you to tone it down, It's always best to mention it first if it is a large project).

Automatic farms are strictly prohibited to active land claims only, We appreciate it can be difficult to obtain land claiming blocks BUT if we find large farms out in the open not claimed we will have to take action, It is restricted this way for 2 reasons. reason 1 is, It stops your farm from being griefed. and reason 2. It's much more likely for somebody to create a large CPU intensive auto farm outside of a land claim because they don't have the amount to claim

Minecarts  Minecart_JE3_BE2.png

This may seem a little odd, but minecarts cause a lot of lag on a server. Thus, it is important to make sure we reduce them as much as possible.

You do not need to store villagers or any other mobs in minecarts. It is okay to transport mobs with minecarts and drop them off in another location, but do not store mobs of any kind in minecarts.

Please do not use farm designs that use hopper minecarts. They are extremely hard on the server, and you can always find another method that is less laggy and doesn’t use hopper minecarts.

Items cobble.png

Believe it or not items laying on the ground can cause a lot of lag on a server. but we have decided to get rid of the 'clearlag' plugin we once had as it was annoying for a lot of players, but we however need to work
together to make sure it doesn't make a return!

Auto-farms should not back up on hoppers or any other blocks. Please have items auto-dispose if hoppers are full, and do not let items back-up on ton of hoppers to despawn. This is extremely laggy, and unnecessary as it is easy to either expand your storage system to allow more items or make items auto remove when hoppers are full.

Other Entities & Things That Cause Lag

Now lets get onto the smaller things that add up and cause lag on these are not as important, but enough of this category can still bring a server to an unplayable/annoying state.

Here is a complete list of blocks that are classes as entity's in minecraft, these blocks 'tick' so too many of them can cause lag, check out the list! HERE

Do not use end crystals in building. These do cause lag.

When using signs, make sure that you keep them empty and free of text when possible. For example, you don’t need text on signs that are meant to hold back water or lava it is a waste of resources.

Item frames can also cause lag, Lets say you have a chest room with 50 chests, Putting an item frame on every chest to show you the contents isnt ideal, and will also considerable affect your in game FPS, please use signs with text on over using item frames with items inside. a few is ok however.

Restricted Items/Builds

There are some things we just had to ban from noobcore as they are almost impossible to moderate and keep sensible, You can report these if you find them by letting us know on discord by opening a ticket, You will remain anonymous and the farm/build will be dealt with accordingly.

Only use “infinite” villager breeder designs if you limit their breeding by limiting their food. Kill off all unneeded villagers and stop their breeding as soon as you have what you need.

Automatic Guardian farms are not allowed. Guardians are especially laggy entities. (Guardian drops have also been disabled)

Automatic Iron farms are not allowed due to lag reasons with iron golems (Iron golem drops have also been disabled)

Automatic gold farms are not allowed due to lag reasons with iron golems (some gold drops have also been disabled)

Anybody found breaching the nether roof will be warned and any builds will be destroyed without warning.

Massive mob grinders are not allowed. Please keep grinder sizes reasonable for what you need.

Reporting Builds that violate these rule

Have no shame here! reporting builds or farms or setups that are possible in breach of these rules is a good thing! And you will remain anonymous during the whole process of us dealing with it. We need the players and the active community to help us look after noobcore and make sure it can grow as efficiently as possible, If you find a build that you believe to be breaking these rules join our discord and type -new in the help channel to open a ticket and discuss with an admin/mod what you have found

Lag Enforcement

When it comes to enforcing laggy builds on, we reserve the right to remove lag inducing farms without notice. However, unless the build is causing immediate lag on the server, we will give you a warning and let you fix the build/farm to not induce lag.

Repeated laggy builds over and over again will cause us to warn players and possibly could lead to a ban if the player refuses to do the changes needed to mitigate the lag. 

1st offense: Verbal Warning
2nd offense: 24 hour ban
3rd offense: Permanent ban