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Noobcore Origin Story!


Well, I have never considered myself much of a writer, But here goes I guess! Noobcore was the birth of a community who wanted to get together! I started streaming on twitch back in 2019, I was brand new to streaming and I didn't have much of a following at the start apart from Ember (my Fiancé) and a few close friends who would tune in to watch me make a fool of myself for 2 hours a day, A week went by and I had already hit 50 followers! I remember feeling like I would be the next Tom Syndicate (lol). All I was doing was streaming some single player survival world, I had NO idea what I was doing on minecraft and would constantly die, and lose all my stuff! 

Our following grew very fast at first, and we became twitch affiliated in the first week, and was hitting 7-10 viewers on every stream! It didn't take long for people to start asking if I could join minecraft servers to play with them.

Then it hit me, I have always been 'techy' and used to make GTA san andreas servers back when I was younger. Could I make a minecraft server? It can't be that hard right?, Little did I know how much work I had ahead of me.

So the idea was born, We was going to make our very own minecraft server, A very basic survival server, I had purchased a very simple shared hosting plan from a popular host without any clue what I was doing, Dropped in server files, And me and Ember logged in for the first time. 

Our first thought was 'How the heck are we suppose to do this' We didn't know anything about plugins, Nothing about TPS or lag, or even that things like worldedit existed, But we worked through it, We started by deciding to build a basic spawn to motivate us to keep going with the server, 5 hours it took, not to build the spawn... But to break all the dirt and destroy a giant mountain in the way, so we could make the spawn, I really wish I knew what worldedit was back then...

The first blocks placed, We thought we was geniuses, a few people came on from the community to help us construct the first spawn! Everything was going really well, people was practically begging to be on the whitelist to come and help us! but we didn't want to ruin the surprise for everybody! So a select few chosen people was allowed on to help us build.

The spawn was built. Now, this is where I spent 2 weeks on my own, with nothing but google and discord for help, Plugins. Ah the gruelling task of finding what you use, how to use it, and what mistakes not to make early on. I could barely remember how to make a trapdoor, Never mind install and configure minecraft plugins for an enjoyable server!

Needless to say, I spent weeks awake until 6am every night, changing configs, trying different things, until we had what we needed to launch the noobcore survival server, Actually, Fun fact, back then it was called the 'Wearenoobz' server, Strange right? Our twitch stream is called 'wearenoobs' so why not pick that? Well... The domain name was $5000+ to purchase, while with a Z on the end, it was $0.99.

We launched, the turnout was amazing, 20 players?! from a small twitch stream, I was amazed, and everybody was so humble and willing to help, Sure, it lagged like heck, nothing was optimized, there was about 3 thousand ways to hack the server, But we didn't care, we knew it would grow, and was willing to put the time in.

About 6 months went by, Which mainly consisted of me streaming the server every day, and trying to optimize the server after suffering from constant lag, which was starting to annoy the player base, there was only one solution at this point, It was time to move from a shared server, to a fully dedicated Linux box for more power.

We made the move and wow, the difference was like night and day, I couldn't believe how much smoother things where. I remember being SO nervous about transferring everything over to a new server that I didn't sleep that night, The last thing in the world I wanted was to lose everything we had worked for over the past 6 months.

Another 3 months on the dedicated server, Everything was running smooth. Our player base took a little hit due to the initial launch buzz dropping a little. So we decided to expand to bring some more fun to the server, We had added our first Minigames Hungergames and Bedwars! The players were happy, We were happy, and it helped breath some new life into the server.

Then the big update happened. We met our current admin 'Jordan' Who helped us move from a single server setup using multiple worlds for gamemodes, onto a fully fledged bungeecord network consisting of multiple servers linked together. Jordan helped us set it all up, and also brought the creative gamemode to our server! and has helped us none stop since then, including setting up our website, Our discord bot and more!

Then obviously, More gamemodes, requires more power, So we decided AGAIN it was time to upgrade to an even more powerful dedicated server. Which went absolutely flawless and was basically an overnight transformation, which gave us the extra CPU power and memory that now allows us to host up to 75 ish players today!

So that's it, in a nutshell, this is the short version of the story believe it or not, Without our admins/mods, and without the players and viewers of the stream, none of this would have made any sense to even attempt. I thank everyone that's been a part of noobcore/wearenoobs and I hope we can continue to grow as a community. Just in case you was doubting, I have no intention to stop working on Noobcore! It almost like my second life now. And I love every moment of it, Even the head scratching 4am drinking coffee confused wondering what this error means moments. 

- Josh